Saturday, 21 October 2017

An important message for owners of Nvidia GPUs.  The last few sets of Nvidia Display drivers have broken the engine's graphics when shadow mapping is enabled (soft shadows) causing black square glitches to appear all over the screen. Shadow mapping has to be disabled to remove these glitches, however, it makes the game even more taxing as shadow mapping made the game run faster, but Nvidia doesn't seem to care and have not addressed this issue in any subsequent driver updates. It's highly likely that a fix may never arise. You can disable shadow mapping by pressing the ~ key to bring up the console and type

"R_Shadow_Shadowmapping 0" (without the quotes)

The game will run slower but at least the game will run without that horrific glitch introduced by Nvidia's drivers.

I also found the Darkplaces Engine, is not well optimized for Nvidia Pascal Architecture (GTX1050, GTX1060, GTX1070,  GTX1080, GTX1080ti & TitanXP) GPU's 

This problem hits Quake HD Remix hard!  I had better performance on my old 4Gb Gigaybte GTX970 G1 Gaming card than I do on my Gigabyte Xtreme Gaming GTX1080 Waterforce. I think this is to do with the Darkplaces engine as I have had similar unexpectedly low FPS issues with other Quake mods on Darkplaces as well. 

Quake HD Remix has become unplayable for me.  Games such as DOOM (2016) can pump out a near-constant 120FPS, but QuakeHD Remix runs like I have a Potato for a rig. On Quake HD Remix (Without parallax Occlusion Mapping) I get FPS as low as 15 in the main hallway and between 20-40 in-game when on my GTX970 it was near 60FPS across the board, with 50 in the main hallway (I think the Rain effect is a weak point for performance).  As a direct result, I can no longer make video recordings of Quake HD Remix on my current rig, as I sold my old GTX970 and, as such can not swap GPU's

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Quake HD Remix (Official Page)

(New Version is now up and running. RAR files are now 500Mb to cater for those with slower connections. Now 4.7Gb )

I have spent the last few weeks compiling all the resources I could find to the DarkPlaces Quake engine to make Quake HD Remix. after all the work compiling and editing the Cvars I am proud to present this mod to the world.

currently, it is at Version 1.0 when more resources get released to the world I will be releasing further updates. My goal is to compile the most comprehensive quake mod there is.

This mod features ALL the original Quake (and mission packs) CD music in high-quality OGG format.

I am not taking ANY credit from the Authors of the resources compiled it this mod. and have named them in my readme file so they get the credit they deserve for putting all that effort into making public domain resources.

The Authors I am aware of are:
The Quake Retexturing Project.
Baz pakwerk.
Alfader Nergal.
Sonic Mayhem.
Myself (Quake Base Game CD Soundtrack)
Roy Batty - Quake One Forums (Original Expansion pack Soundtracks)
Others who I don't know of. (Thank You for your work and I wish to know who you are to give you the credit you all deserve!!!)

Currently, I have added the HD textures. replaced the weapon models, some of the monster models and put 2k textures on the monsters that have no model replacement. the Items ans Ammo boxes have also been replaced and the mod features softened real-time lighting and shadows and parallax bump-mapping (see _readme first.txt to disable POM if your rig can't handle it)

This mod has FULL support for both Scourge of Armagon and Dissolution of Eternity.


If you don't own the full version of Quake the Demo data for the Base game IS included, and If you like it you can purchase Quake and Both Mission Packs from Steam.

I would like to personally thank ALL the people that created the resources I compiled and to let them know I did not alter their work at all. 
It is just over 5Gb to download and uncompresses to about 6.5Gb

Enjoy this first version of Quake HD Remix.

Download HERE: (New smaller version with no change to visual content)
Simply copy and paste the link to a new tab.

Download Reshade Mod with customised MasterEffect, for Quake HD Remix HERE:
(Just unzip into Quake HD Remix folder to use).
Simply copy and paste the link to a new tab.

For those that like Reshade but find the current preset too strong, here is a link for an alternate more sublime preset that's easier on the eyes (alternate download Reshade mod required, this is just the settings preset)

Softer Reshade Preset Download link:
Simply copy and paste link in new tab 

My special thanks go to Crossire for the Reshade framework and Marty McFly for the MasterEffect Reborn Filter  Find more Reshade goodies HERE:

P.S. I have scanned the game before uploading and there are NO malicious files included in this mod.  Check out below for screenshots and a video.

Don't forget to check out the site for everything Quake:

P.S.S.. I am accepting comments if anybody has any questions or has issues running the mod. However, any criticism must be kept constructive. I respect other's opinions but I WILL delete any rude or damaging comments!

Quake HD Remix Screenshots (Parallax Mapping Disabled)

Quake HD Remix E2M1 720p